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    Where 2005

Band: Ultraspank

Song: Where

Anime: X (The Movie)




New Year, New Video, Old school.

This is the first time I've ever remade any of my old videos. But I love it like no other. I'm honestly more happy with this video than I am with any video I've ever done. Its I feel the perfect mix of my style with good technique and solid editing skill. I hope you agree. The video is my remake of the old X video that used to be titled "A place where fate is kind". For the new year and its remake status I'm just calling it "Where 2005".

I hope you enjoy. If you have any problems viewing the file make sure your Divx codec is updated. (www.

Till next time. I've got a few new videos in the works but one is on hold till Mid Feb waiting for the last dvd to come out. In the time between now and then I'll be attending Ushicon in Austin, TX and working on my second remake project. Going really far back. Till then keep checking.




An update? For real?

Yes. I'd apologize for letting the site die and the lack of updates but I think I've already used up my lifetime supply of apologies. Thanks for checking the site out though as it means a lot that people still look here even with me slacking.

The two new updates are my newest videos. First is the Kenshin video set to a fantastic song by VNV Nation. I love this video and the simplistic song and feel coupled with powerful emotion. The other is the newer of the two. It uses American Music by the Violent Femmes for what I hope is a fun video. I know people who saw it in the AWA Pro video contest enjoyed it and I hope you will as well.

I'll be cleaning off my computer and starting new editing projects so keep an eye out for updates in the next few weeks or months. I'm in the mood to edit so it could be days or months depending on which idea I go with. As always I have lots of ideas floating around.

Please note that the links to the right will take you to and without their support and hosting I wouldn't have the bandwidth for my videos. Enjoy and donate to their drive if you can afford to. It would mean alot.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!


American Music

Band: Violent Femmes

Song: American Music

Anime: The Legend of Black Heaven

Support and the free hosting they provide for me and thousands of other editors. It isn't cheap and without it I don't have a place to host my videos with adequate bandwidth. So please if you can support the pledge drive to meet the bills.


Band: VNV Nation

Song: Distant (Rubicon II)

Anime: Kenshin OVA 2

Rosemary's Baby

Band: Fantomas

Song: Rosemary's Baby

Anime: Key: The Metal Idol

Fine Again

Band: Seether

Song: Fine Again

Anime: 3x3 Eyes